3 Ways To Prevent Varicose Veins

The small valves inside varicose veins aren't working anymore, so the blood starts pooling in them, and the veins start to bulge out. They are most common in the legs, where it is very important to have those valves so that the blood can get pumped up past gravity. Varicose veins can be painful and unsightly. So how can you avoid getting them? Limit High Heel Use One thing that you can do is to limit how long you wear extremely high heels. Read More 

Simple Ways To Keep Your New Hearing Aids Clean

When you get new hearing aids, part of the adjustment period that you'll go through is learning to care for them. You can greatly improve the lifespan of the hearing aids by keeping them either in your ears or in their case — this prevents them from being knocked to the floor and stepped on, which could occur if you leave them on the edge of the counter or table, for example. Read More 

The Problems With Malfunctioning Heart Monitors

Heart monitors are an important type of medical equipment because they help keep track of a person's heart rate and gauge problems that they may be experiencing. Unfortunately, these monitors may malfunction and put the health of the person at risk. Here is what needs to be known about this common and problematic condition. Purpose Of A Heart Monitor Heart monitors are designed to track a person's heart rate and to use the information to diagnose health problems. Read More 

When You Have Knee Arthritis: Physical Therapy to Improve Mobility and Strength

Knee arthritis can be very painful. When the cartilage in your knee begins to wear away because of arthritis, you can end up with bone on bone when you try to walk. If you have pain in your knee, it's important to have this pain assessed as soon as possible. While you won't be able to reverse cartilage loss, you can reduce inflammation within your knee with the right treatment. Cartilage wears away over time because of age, heredity, or inflammation. Read More 

2 Ways Your Dermatologist Can Treat Your Warts

Warts are one of the most annoying things to have to deal with. They can pretty much show up anywhere on your body and have a horrible knack for spreading quite quickly and easily. They are not only unsightly, but they can also get in the way of you certain doing things, and some can even cause you pain if they are located in a certain area, such as your foot. Read More